Channel Palpation – Dr. Wang Ju-Yi

Those still interested in attending Channel Palpation workshops with Dr. Wang Ju-Yu can contact us on email. We no longer travel to Beijing to conduct that workshop and observations with other doctors. You also contact Richard Blitstein (click on his name) for related info on learning Channel Palpation.

Group Photo with Dr. Wang
Palpating the lower extremities
Working on the Du Channel

Outside of time with Dr. Wang Ju-yi learning from him about his form of Classical Acupuncture as well as the method of Channel Palpation, we also take time to visit Beijing City Hospital to understand how they integrate acupuncture into their treatment of patients.

Conference on modern use of acupuncture, Beijing City Hospital
Dr. Hu explaining the use of their fire needle

We also visit two other places to learn herbal medicine and tuina at the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine Affiliated Clinic.

In front of Dr. Zhang’s local clinic
TMJ manipulation