Juliana Hoyos

Juliana practices in Bogota, Colombia. In addition to working in the areas of Gynecology and Fertility, Juliana treats patients during pregnancy and postpartum using her unique combination of bodywork, acupuncture and herbal medicine. Juliana returns regularly to China to conduct TCM educational seminars.

In addition to a five-year double degree in Chinese Medicine and Human Biology from Australia’s prestigious RMIT University, she has also spent almost three years learning from numerous fertility experts at various hospitals/clinics in China.

Juliana uses her style of Chinese medicine, together with psychology and education, to help women go back to their roots and understand their natural processes. Juliana has a passion for contributing in developing countries where women are disenfranchised and lack education/opportunity. So far, she has contributed in places like India, Nepal and Indonesia. Her vision is to organize and empower these women, so they become independent and have better life opportunities.

For more on Juliana Hoyos, please look up www.julianahoyos.com.