Herbal Formulation: Focus on Gastroenterology

Completed in 4 sessions. For students of Chinese Herbal Medicine.

  • A Spleen-Stomach formula is a crucial component of your herbal armory. Spending enough time at any one of the departments in the hospital will convince you that every patient who comes in is Spleen deficient.
  • We assume that everyone coming already knows their “Fundamentals of TCM,” so no time will be wasted on expounding grand philosophical ideas we all already know. That said, we encourage students without a knowledge of “TCM Internal Medicine” to come, because they will benefit from seeing the big picture we present.
  • We briefly cover the main differences between a “Diagnose Pattern, Prescribe Formula” method associated by some with the Shang Han Lun and a formula created based on an understanding of individual herbs.
  • By covering the Spleen-Stomach’s relation to other organs, we will comprehend the spirit of the most important Spleen-Stomach formulas and understand their most relevant herbs.
  • We do a comparative analysis of all the disparate Spleen-Stomach formulas with the intention of linking them all up to put together the big picture.
  • We cover the TCM herbal approach to Constipation and Diarrhea.
  • There is also that grand overlap of the Spleen-Stomach with diseases of Gastroenterology. Assuming that “disease differentiation” is different than “pattern differentiation, and given enough time, Gastritis, GERD, Ulcers and Cancer of the upper digestive tract will be covered.

3 Replies to “Herbal Formulation: Focus on Gastroenterology”

  1. markov
    thanx a lot for the great lectures you gave if us last term, they totally gave a new approach to herbs and formulas, also to think out of the box when it gets to deal with individual herbs in/out a formula..
    please let me know when you’ll be back in town to have other sessions
    kind regards and loads of gratitude

  2. another thing, may i suggest other sessions on gastro? we covered a good part last time, but there are still other sides we can go through
    kind regards

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