Practical Course on Chinese Herb Recognition: More Info

We will take a 6-hour ride from Nanjing to the Anhui province to explore a very famous herbal area with the biggest herbal market in all China. The aim of this trip is to visit the market and learn more about the herbs ON-SITE.

We will see many classes of herbs first-hand, including:

  • a host of minerals and stones that most TCM students have not yet seen.
  • animal products like antlers, placentas, geckos, leeches, centipedes and other bugs.
  • a plethora of unique herbal flowers teas that possess blood or qi moving qualities, many of which you’d probably never heard of.

As part of the course, we will:

  • take a trip to the herbal plantations to see the plants actually growing in the fields.
  • go rural and visit a local farmer’s home
  • learn about the history on the land tread on by the Daoist Lao Tze, the medicine whiz Hua Tuo and the statesman Cao Cao.
  • visit a factory to witness mass processing of herbs, from drying to cutting to packaging, amongst others.
  • visit a Chinese medicine museum as well as Hua Tuo’s old home.

What do we take back with us after the tour?

“This trip was an amazing learning experience. A preferred mix of herbal education, cultural education and fun!”

“Coming to Bozhou was an amazing experience. Seeing how Chinese herbs are grown, processed and sold has been an invaluable experience that will guide my usage of herbs in my future practice. Plus, it was a ton of fun!”

“This experience was invaluable to deepening my understanding of herbs in China.

“Traveling to meet some herbal farmers, see their lands, view first-hand how Chinese herbs are grown and harvested was truly a magical experience for a Chinese medicine practitioners; one i won’t ever forget.”

This course will enrich your understanding of the herbs you use in your practice. After experiencing herbs first-hand in the field and in the market, your understanding and connection to the herbs you use in practice will go much deeper than what you get from the textbook or by looking at them in the pharmacy. It will also make you aware of some pertinent issues in herb usage, e.g. the use of animal products, the processing of herbs, etc.

On top of that, this tour is also a great opportunity to get ‘behind the scenes’ to meet locals and visit rural villages. This is something which most foreigners do not get to see when they come for a short trip to China.

“The details of this trips were intently planned and executed with care. Markov made it a point to see that we were all happy and learning along the way.”

“You had worked very hard to make this and educational as well as fun experience. You went all the way out to please your customers! You made herb learning experience fun.”

“I really appreciated Markov’s in-depth knowledge and explanations of the herbs, where they were grown and how to tell them apart. It made the experience that much more enjoyable.”

“I really enjoy the enthusiastic explanations of mostly everything we observed. Markov is an excellent guide and his knowledge of herbs is outstanding.”

Note: All quotes are from past participants, written anonymously after having participated in the Course.


“I loved going to the herb farm in the back of the trucks and meeting CaoCao’s family – it was the highlight of the trip. I also loved eating the skewers in the market and dancing in the square. It was so much fun!”

“The best part of the trip was going to the countryside and digging up herbs. I also liked learning about the herb qualities and how to pick them out such as quality Chuan Bei Mu. Just looking at the herbs was amazing!”

“My favorite parts are all the herbal study opportunities – the farm visit, new market and factory.”

“Going out to the farms and seeing the herbs growing, getting to spend time with sweet, special people. Eating really great food, experiencing the old and new markets!”


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