Mastering Herbal Formulation

How does one put together a herbal formula?

Many of you who read this will already have gone through much material regarding the expansive pharmacopoeia utilized in Chinese Medicine. Many would also find familiar the core set of formulas laid out in TCM textbooks.

“markov, thanx a lot for the great lectures you gave if us last term, they totally gave a new approach to herbs and formulas, also to think out of the box when it gets to deal with individual herbs in/out a formula.. please let me know when you’ll be back in town to have other sessions
kind regards and loads of gratitude.”

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In our opinion, the more you see, the more flexible you become with the use of herbs in a formula. Most people are stuck to the main formulas and find it difficult to move away from it. Our aim is to help you encounter different possibilities using a comparative approach to learning. This will help you to set up a system for learning that is systematic and directed. What you catch will ultimately be yours. Together we will go through various case studies within each disease category, and in the process learn how herbal formulation it is done outside of the classroom.

A systematic means to mastering the art…

It is important that the classics are included in the course material. Classics allow you to understand the historical roots of a modern herbal prescription. That said, we want to give you more. We want to share with you a straightforward approach to creating empirical formulas that have clinical relevance. This hands-on approach can be immediately applied to your practice.

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