Short Term Courses in Acupuncture/Tuina


How is Chinese style acupuncture different than how it is done where you are?

Many who come to learn and observe are amazed at how the clinical experience is interpreted here. It is at once efficient and social. Some then decide to bring back and set up such a system back home.

Come and learn how acupuncture is practiced in China. It is recommended you come for at least one month, but some people stay on for a couple of months. Leave us a note telling us what you want to learn and we will put together a suggested schedule for you.


Tuina is the ancient art of Chinese body work. Pediatric massage forms a component of Tuina and is a natural form of treating pediatric illnesses like fever, stomachache, respiratory issues. Much of the focus is on stimulating the body so that its own immune system is better regulated.

We can help you arrange observations with one teacher or with a few. Drop us a note and tell us what you would like to learn!

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