Advanced Oriental Reproductive Medicine Fellowship: Doctor Profiles

We arrange for the observation of different doctors during your time here. Below are some of the doctors that participants had observed and learned from. They were chosen because of their expertise in the area of reproductive medicine.


Dr. Fu is known for her strength in Western diagnostics methods as well as research on herbs that transform blood stasis. Upon graduation in 1965 as a Western doctor from Nanjing Medical Institute (now known as Nanjing Medical University), Dr. Fu worked for eight years in the nearby city of Yangzhou as a gynecologist before she was asked to join the TCM Provincial Hospital to help provide the much needed backing it needed in Western medicine. Her interests gradually converged upon creating an integrated medicine she could call her own. As much as possible, she uses herbal therapy as the primary means of treatment.

Dr. Fu is not just a Lao Zhong Yi (old Chinese doctor) in her 70s, but also one initially schooled in Western Medicine. In her practice, patients still request that she do the gynaecological exam. Being present during ultrasound diagnostics allows her to explain using drawings to patients who present with mechanical causes of infertility. She is now one of the few doctors who occupy a clinic in the Hall of Famous Doctors in the TCM Provincial Hospital.


Dr. Hao Ning is in her 50s and was first trained in TCM internal medicine. She went on to focus on gynecology under the tutelage of the old Xu. After over 30 years of working with patients, she has grown a grand practice of her own in the Hall of Famous Chinese Doctors at the Qin Huai Hospital of Chinese Medicine. Her understanding of herbs and their functions are not purely traditional, as Dr. Hao keeps up-to-date with the latest in pharmacognosy of herbs and western medicines on a daily basis.

Dr. Hao has a clear grasp of herbal therapy. She is inclined to use larger-than-traditional dosages when required, if only to increase efficacy of her treatment. She also practices a unique interpretation of herb prescription within the menstrual cycle, with a strong inclination to promote yang early in the cycle.


Dr. JIN is the most eminent student of the Dr. Xu Fu Song, who commands recognition in the area of Andrology the same way Dr. Xia Gui Cheng rules the world of Gynecology. Jin has already build his own canon of work and even gives consultation to doctors from around China regarding his specialty in male infertility. His specialty includes diagnosis and treatment of severe oligospermia, azoospermia and varicocele-related infertility. Despite being raised within the milieu of traditional Chinese medicine, he is extremely familiar with the diagnostic parameters that point treatment in the direction of IUI/IVF and TESE/TESA/PESA. Dr. Jin also has a large proportion of his women patients coming in for Pre- and Post-IVF treatment with herbs.


Jiangsu Provincial Hospital of Chinese Medicine is the largest integrated governmental hospital in the province of Jiangsu. Qin Huai Hospital of Chinese Medicine is the best-known private hospital specializing in the treatment of gynecological diseases with Chinese medicine, with patients choosing to go there instead of the Provincial Hospital.

These two hospitals compete with each other, with patients lining up — sometimes overnight — just to get a registration ticket that allows them to see the doctor.

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