Mark Chern Reviews

Mark continues to see patients with all ailments, but his deepest training has been in Women’s Health and Reproductive Health – this covers anything from menstrual pain to infertility treated with IVF/IUI to pregnant women. On top of using herbs and supplements, he also employs acupuncture and his unique form of table work in the treatment of infertility – use of needles to treat the diagnosis and energy technique to ‘activate’ the needles.

Mark’s other interests include the treatment of psychosomatic disorders and topical steroid withdrawal using a mixture of herbs, acupuncture and craniosacral therapy.

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“My day 3 FSH was borderline menopausal range before at 17 then dropped to 14. Now after relaxing deeply on Bali and your support on many levels…. It’s 5.5!!! I am so happy.

My husband and I had been trying to conceive for over 2 years. One of my blood tests showed that it was ‘too late’ for me to have a baby or to try in vitro fertilization if I wanted to. I felt anxious and vulnerable about my chances of having a baby. We wondered if stress and our busy lifestyle were playing a role and so we decided to travel to Bali to relax and to have natural treatments to support my fertility.

From the moment that I met Markov I felt supported on all levels – his gentle, caring presence was welcoming and I felt relaxed because of his kindness and his confidence. During all of my weekly acupuncture sessions with him over the five months that I was in Bali, he listened to my questions and concerns with curiosity and seemingly infinite patience and did his best to not only answer my questions but to give me suggestions for how I could support my health – mind, body and spirit.

I drank fresh herbal ‘decoctions’ recommended based on Markov’s assessments of my unique needs. I did not conceive while in Bali, however I have great news since coming back to Canada. My blood level that was edging up towards the menopausal level is now nicely in the fertile range. Not only am I feeling relaxed and rejuvenated, I am feeling hopeful that conception is just around the corner. And all of my friends and family are commenting on how young and happy I look. My energy levels have honestly never been this good in my life.

I am grateful to Markov for his deep wisdom and his expertise but most of all I am thankful for his kindness and his loving presence.”

– J.W., Canada (Fertility support)


I started topical steroids withdrawal (TSW) on 02 December 2013, and started seeing Mark two weeks later to cope with the withdrawal. It was great because he already had an idea what was TSW about and we were able to communicate in English which made it so much easier for me. When I first saw him, i was already in the middle of my first flare. There were alot of redness and swelling all over my body, and my calves and face took the hit badly. It was to the extent i couldnt really walk properly, not to mention, very self conscious as well. I saw Mark on a weekly basis, pretty intense but each time I saw him, i had a bit of improvements to report.

HERBS: Mark gave me herbs to get rid of the “dampness” in my body, and was asked to take the herbs three times daily. Two months on, the redness significantly reduced and my body isnt that swollen as badly as the first month. Over a period of two months, the redness subsided quite significantly especially on my inner legs, my arms, neck and chest area. I went through cold turkey (literally!) initially where i shivered at the slightest bit of wind, and had to use three layers of clothings to cover myself in the office. I felt so chilly on the outside, but my body was burning-hot to touch. It was so much easier to cope after the weekly sessions with Mark and the herbs that he provided.

I have just “celebrated” my third month with TSW and these days, i feel like i can function better. Coping so much better with my skin, though still very dry (I guess because the dampness is slowly eliminating from my body). Redness is still a little bit but swelling has gone done significantly, especially on the face.

WASHES: Apart from herbs, I was asked to wash myself with herbs as well. The herbs helped to soothe the itch as it had a bit of “minty” feel. To be honest, i believe the washes helped even though it was a very slow gradual process.

ACUPUNCTURE: Into my 1.5-2 months mark, Mark introduced acupuncture as treatment. I remembered he taught me how to concentrate on certain points where the needles were on my body and null me to sleep ( it was so hard to sleep at night because of the intense itch especially at night. Has got to do with the cortisol levels or some sort). It definitely helped and I practise it every night. I believe the acupuncture helped with the itch management as well. The scratching has reduced quite significantly compared to the first – second month.

Again, three months steriod-free, sleep is easier now too.

OTHER WAYS APART FROM TCM: He encouraged me to go on gluten-free diet, so no more cakes/bread/biscuits which all had wheat in them – my weakness! He recommended incorporating more vegetables into the diet and especially drinking barley water as well as eating mung bean soup. He also recommended juicing and also eating fruits like pomegranate.

RESULTS: 03 March was my third month being steroid-free and my skin is easier to cope. I can sleep better, function better. Scratching has gone down ALOT – I used to scratch myself crazy after bathtimes (Rubbing my skin and watching the skin flakes go).. now i can calmly apply my moisturiser (Maya Eczema Cream) and put on my clothes without going to a frenzy. I’m able to sleep into the night without waking up as often as before. I am also very relieved and happy to report that i no longer experience chills (no more shivering crazily in the office).

My skin is stronger! I often make jokes that I’m like a mini-wolverine, i heal faster these days. Example, if i had an open wound, it will turn into scab after 2 days (steroid creams never gave me that kind of result.) When i scratch now, it also doesnt break as easily as my first month of TSW. You can also tell by the photos (I attached them, you can use them) that there are improvements aesthetically.

I’ve seen other TCMs before and their herbal concoction always gives me a bad reaction – that is why I was a little afraid to visit Mark for the first time. I was worried of the adverse effects. So far, Mark’s herbal concoction has been safe for me. And also, most of them (TCM practitioners) arent willing/or have the time to hear you out! They just make you sit, feel your pulse, show your tongue and you’re done with the consultation.

Mark changed my perspective on TCM Practitioners (Plus, we can converse in English!). He’s been such a great help during this difficult time of my life. Going through TSW is not easy.. it just takes a toll on you and your care-givers. Mark’s very patient and empathetic – sometimes you just need someone to hear out your frustrations; and Mark’s great at that. He’s a listener and offers good and encouraging advices along the way. Not to mention, he has a heart. Not many doctors will request for a “mid-week” update on your condition via email. 🙂 Thank you, Mark! My weekly sessions with you are not a chore, it feels pretty much like a friend popping by to visit! Let’s keep fighting TSW!”

– Qian Ru, Singapore (Topical Steroid Withdrawal)


“Earlier this year I attended an acupuncture session with Markov. Based on glowing word of mouth reviews, I was hopeful that he could help with the early pregnancy complications I was suffering from.

I found him to be extremely competent and professional. He has a gentle yet knowledgable and thorough presence which made me feel confident in his care. The treatment went very well, and like magic, my symptoms all but disappeared. Markov went out of his way to make sure I would have good references for continued treatment back home and gave me a complete assessment to take along with me. All in all, it was a fantastic experience for this newbie to acupuncture and very nervous first time mom! Thanks Markov!”

– S.Curletto, USA (Pregnancy support)


I came to see Dr. Markov about my prolonged menstrual problem and i was freaking afraid about it. He personalized his care during the treatment and gave me informative details and what to do and to take. Taking herbals and doing acupencteur treatment were really helpful, simple and no risk. He even contacted me to see how i was feeling and the progress. He is a superb doctor and i’d like to deeply thank for his wonderful helps.

– Handa, Bali/France (Dysmenorrhea)


“Dok Marko, after terapi for ovulation yesterday, I get cairan yang panjang [stretchy cervical fluid], so much! i send foto.”

– S & L., Denpasar, Indonesia (Anovulatory cycle)


“Dr. Marko, sorry for writing back late. We followed your instruction and were waiting to see if it work. I did exactly as you said after treatment and truly the pain is gone. My husband will come back tomorrow with the payment I forgot to bring.”

– Anna, Australia (Post-partum abdominal pain and fever)


“Markov is wholistic healer in every sense of the word. I first came to Markov with one specific issue, and he helped my body to heal on a number of different levels at once. The follow through with him is also unparalleled in my experience.”

– H.M., Toronto, Canada (UTI, menopausal support, food sensitivities)


“Since I was pregnant 5 months until 7 months, I started having problems with my feet becomes heavy and swollen, lower back pain, and tiredness. Honestly, my husband is an European consultant in pharmaceutical industry and so it was not easy at the beginning to start the acupuncture treatment as it is not a mainstream way to cure problems in the body, especially outside Asia. But since i love natural healing, so we just gives a hit. Only by seeing my tounge colour, checking my eyes, and review my blood pressure, he immediately knew that i have problem with my spleen (related to the Qi) which is the body system cannot circulate body liquid properly that it stays on my lower part of the body, which is on my leg & feet. After several treatments with needles, surprisingly It works! My leg/feet no more swollen, back pain is gone, and i full of energy during the rest of the pregnancy! What can i say? dr. Markov is the best healer! And plus, my husband welcoming a new way of healing:)”

– C. L. O., Jakarta & Ubud, Indonesia (Pregnancy support)


“Hi Markov, Great news!!!! My hot flushes got down 70 % right after the herbs..”

“Just want to let you know, I used the herbs like you said and have only been using the pills during this holiday in Vietnam. I am still feeling great! Thanks.”

– N. V., Netherlands (Peri-menopausal support)


“I came to see Dr. Markov for hormonal difficulties that I had been suffering from for years. Dr. Markov is one of the most professional, caring, and attentive practitioners that I have ever visited. He is obviously passionate about his work and the recovery of his patients. He went out of his way, to provide me with information including his own notes, books and literature. He also networked and provided me with resource information related to my case.

Treatment under Dr. Markov was always an intense energy healing experience. After every treatment with him I felt very grounded and much improved, and these feelings carried on for several days. I am so grateful and honored to have been a patient of Dr. Markov. I would surely recommend him to any one that is seeking a powerful healing practitioner!”

– C. S., AL, USA (Hormonal and metabolic imbalance)


“Dear Mr. Marco, Did you remember me? I am Adi, Diyah’s husband, your patient of accupunture in RSM Denpasar. How are you Sir? Do you still in Indonesia now? I have a good news that my wife now in the 8th weeks of pregnancy. Thanks for your treatment and hope we will meet again in the future.”

“Hello Mr. Markov, Sorry do not inform to you, I am a father now, since 1-3-13 (smile)… I am in Malang, and will be in Bali, next May, and I will be meet in Ubud, and hope to see you again. I just want to say thanx to you Mr. I send my son photograph on attachment. Thanx sir.”

– Adi and Diyah, Bali and Ubud, Indonesia, Indonesia (Fertility support)


“i had been married about 2 years, but still wait for a baby. My doctor said everything still Ok. Then I and my busband try the acupucnture treatment. My first time acupuncture treatment was nice experience, although many needles hit my body. but i feel better after the treatment. My menses better than before. My husband sperm also better. Besides the treatment, i have to consume a healthy food. Surprisingly, after 2-3 months do this treatment, I pregnant. Yes, it works.”

– L. & N., Denpasar, Indonesia (Fertility support)


“I was very happy after My Son Made Surya Darma introduced my son to Mr Markov, luckily I was able to meet him and treat the pain I suffered, I was diagnosed with stomach illness inspections and my weight dropped drastically, after I did theraphy by puncture needles by a two-month Markov every Saturday I finally started putting on weight and I am now recovered and is back to normal and be able to work again, so I’ve been able to mengendong [carry] my grandchildren and my energy is recovered.”

– Ketut N. L., Denpasar, Indonesia (Gastritis with diabetes)


“I came for back pain shooting pain from the back to my feet, so painful I couldn’t sleep. Markov worked on my body and gave me acupuncture, reminding me to relax during therapy. The treatment works! After treatment, the pain was gone, Thank you.”

– Ririn, Tabanan, Indonesia (Back and sciatica)


“The treatment I received from Markov was incredible and it really helped me to release and open up an area of my body which had been restricted for many years. Markov is very intuitive and has a strong calming presence. The treatment was given in a focused way with particular attention to the restricted movement in my right shoulder. His touch is very firm and reassuring. I felt extremely soothed and relaxed and I trusted completely in the process taking place. Markov’s knowledge of the body and experience really shows. After the treatment I was able to move my shoulder way passed its usual capacity and for the first time in a long time I felt a huge release, aliveness and openness around the chest and shoulder joint which brought lightness to my being. If you have the opportunity to receive a treatment from Markov I highly recommend it.”

– Roni Miteff, Britain (Shoulder)


“kami sudah 4 tahun lebih blm dikaruniai Anak,dari seorang teman kantor memberi info kl di Rumah Sehat Madani (RSM) ada terapi acupuncture oleh Mr Marco dan Mrs Juliana so pertengahan oktober 2011 kami mulai rutin terapi dan minum ramuan herbal china dan Alhamdulillah dgn Ikhtiar dan Doa skrng istri sdh hamil 3 bulan jalan, mhn doa smoga twin kl dikasih satupun oleh-Nya kami tetap bersyukur, semoga menjadi bakal anak yang soleh dan solehah, thanks to God, thanks for Mr marco & Mrs Juliana, suwun buat mba rina we love you all :)”

– A. & I., Denpasar, Indonesia (Fertility support)


“To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing on behalf of Mark Chern, acupuncturist. Mark successfully treated me for Meniere’s Disease over a period of approximately 1 year. My symptoms included frequent episodes of severe vertigo (approximately one time per week), loss of balance, persistent nausea, feeling of aural fullness, and constant tinnitus. These symptoms had a sudden onset approximately 3 months prior to my treatment by Mark.

These symptoms were so severe as to seriously damage my ability to work, to participate in family and community activities and my overall quality of life. In the beginning, I received treatment once per week. After 6 months, we agreed to treatments every other week. Approximately 2 weeks after beginning my treatment with Mark, my episodes of vertigo (and the accompanying nausea) ceased, and have not returned. My balance steadily improved, and the feeling of aural fullness disappeared. I continue to have the constant tinnitus, but it has subsided to the point that it does not impair my functioning. I strongly believe that my continued treatment with acupuncture has kept my symptoms at bay. I am very grateful to Mark for the care and professionalism he brought to my treatment.”

– Dennis P. Ferrell, Marriage and Family Therapist
California License # MFC 20514
1225 Oak Street — Red Bluff, CA, 96080 USA


“I have been suffering from eczema since young, My condition was ok except dryness every year end before Chinese New Year. in 2010, I had my right fingers flare up , I thought it could be due to stress and constant washing as I was taking care of my son myself. it went off after I started work. In 2012 I had itchy rashes on my body during my second and third trimester of my pregnancy but it went off after I delivered my baby. My eczema returned when my gal was 7th month when I faced extreme stress at work. It started on my old spot, right fingers and spread from 2 fingers to all fingers. I faced another wave of stress when my gal had high fever persistently for 9 days and my I encountered full blown eczema spreaded from right to my left fingers , and my face too. I thought I have lived with eczema for decades but this round I couldnt take the itch anymore. The constant itch just made me want to chop my fingers off really! I decided to seek medical treatment. I am grateful that my fellow members from the eczema support group recommended me to Mark.

Mark was very patient when listening and diagnosing my condition. I had my first ever acupuncture session done by Mark and it was simply amazing that I could feel the Qi flowing through my body . I felt the energy too when he performed craniosacral treatment on me!  I diligently used the herbal wash to soak my hands twice a day and washed my face with the solution too. My face healed pretty fast after 2 weeks and my fingers recovered 80 to 90% within a month! I heeded his professional advice by avoiding allergen food and to keep my body warm as I have a cold constitution. I am still taking oral medication by Mark as I wanted to balance my constitution,. I believed that the herbs had helped warm my body and my body would then have the energy to heal my eczema.

I brought my son to him too for his contact dermatitis on his forehead. He recovered very fast too. My daughter’s eczema on her ear is more tricky , she hasnt recovered but I think the oilment provided by Mark is useful for her. I brought her to Mark for tuina and craniosacral session and it was great! she had so much poo one day after the session. I plan to bring her to see Mark every month for health maintenance. I would like to thank Mark very much for helping me through my crisis.”

– A. H. & children, S’pore (Eczema)


“I have been using steroids for 3 years. I started TSW in March 2013 and I went to bioresonance therapy from March 2013 to June 2013. Going for that therapy help quicken the flaring process so there’s a flare almost every week. Within these few months is I am oozing a lot from the neck, face and all the limb nodes. My meals are all home cooked food and due to my self conscious I didn’t step out of the house until mid August. I only went out once a week for the bioresonance therapy and straight back home. The therapist intro me to the ITSAN group and Olive, and I knew Grace through Olive.

During December 2013 I was invited to a support group gathering, so from there I know Mark the physician. He used TCM to treat me and other patients with same condition as me from the Facebook help group. Physician Mark treated me using different like acupuncture, some moving the qi method and a Chinese herb bath. Technically its like soaking my affected area in Chinese herbs. The soaking method have done huge improvement to my skin. The soak took a lot of trial and error with Mark to make it suit my condition. I used the soaking method mainly on my face, hands and feet.

Before I knew Mark I also went to see Chinese doctor. He just gave me Chinese medicine to drink and acupuncture with electricity on the ears. It help me a little. When I first see Mark, he gave me Chinese herbs to take 3 times a day but after 3 months its reduced to twice a day. Mark suggested that my mother should do juicing for me and I’m thankful for that. ^^ Supplements I’m taking now is 2 tablet of olive forte and 1 tablet of lacto gg in the morning. The end results up to today is that I think i completely stop oozing and itch was reduced by 75-90%. I now also feel better going out.”

– B. L., Singapore (Topical Steroid Withdrawal)


14 April 2014
After last Wednesday’s session, my milk supply increased and still remain relatively higher than usual.
Able to get around 160ml each pump and even up to 190ml compared to usual of 120-140ml.
Thank you very much for that.

2 May 2014
A BIG THANK YOU for last Wednesday’s session.
As you mentioned the mid section of my back was very tensed up, so after the treatment and acupuncture I could actually pump out 210ml of milk after 5 hours from last pump!
Thereafter the subsequent pumping was back to my usual volume of around 140-160ml every 4+ hrs versus before the treatment it dipped to 80-100ml every 4+ hrs.

– P. T., Singapore (Hypogalactorrhea)