Practical Course on Chinese Herb Recognition

We just completed the 6th Practical Course on Chinese Herb Recognition with student-practitioners from the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine. We covered 20 hours of CEUs over the span of 4 days.

“I really appreciated the breadth of the experience – seeing everything from field, to processing, to market and then final industrial scale processing and packaging. It’s a big missing piece in a college-based TCM education.”

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“Great learning experience that is hands-on, making it easy to familiarize ourselves with the herbs. I appreciated the ability to compare the herbs and see the difference in quality from one supplier to another.”

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The aim of this tour is to deepen your familiarity with Chinese herbal medicine. Many students of Chinese medicine learn the names of herbs and how these herbs work, but have not seen it before. Others might have seen the herb, but are not sure whether it is a root, stem, bark or how it has been processed.

“This is a great experience that i will never forget. The whole trip opened my eyes to the herbal manufacturing, selling and packing process. It is amazing how much effort goes into the whole herbal process from planting and harvesting to selling and packaging. Thank you for this one-in-a-lifetime experience!”

Many herbs arrive to our clinic pharmacy already cut or powdered and packed so we wouldn’t recognize the herb in its whole form. We would never distinguish a good quality herb from an inferior one, and certain will not recognize the herb if it is growing in our backyard!

The Practical Course on Chinese Herb Recognition will enrich your understanding of herbs:

  • We will visit the biggest Chinese herb market in China and learn from first-hand experience (see, touch, smell) about herbs.
  • We will visit a herb farm and see how farmer here in China live and how they manage their crops.
  • We will go to a local factory to learn how herbs are processed here.
  • We will learn how to differentiate herbs that look different. In fact, every participant will receive a booklet (usual price $50) for compliments of our team.
  • The overall experience will aid all participants in understanding the possible origin of herbs in their countries, from planting in the farm to its sale in the markets to processing in the factory to its final packed form.

We hope that after this course, you will have a much better understanding of Chinese herbal medicine.

“Great trip! Seeing the herb rush was great and very educational. Markov was an excellent guide and very fun. This 4-day trip was highly educational and a wonderful time! i learned a ton!”

“I don’t think I would have ENJOYED my Bozhou experience without MARKOV as our guide, and all his connections/friends. Really enjoyed & recommend this trip with Markov.” 

“Markov did an excellent job organizing a smooth and fun trip. He attended to the needs of the group and each individual with care and grace. I had a wonderful time and I learned a lot!” 

“Thank you for sharing your knowledge, I feel like this enriching experience has made me a better herbalist.”

“This experience was invaluable to deepening my understanding of herbs in China.”

“This is a wonderful way to learn about herbs from seed to patient! Markov is an excellent host and a natural bridge between  people and places of all kinds!” 

14 Replies to “Practical Course on Chinese Herb Recognition”

  1. Does this include accommodations and airfare?
    Are there any collegiate credits available with this trip?
    Thank you!
    Monica Lucero

  2. Hi Monica, We tried writing you at your email address to little avail. Yes, the cert you get at the end of the series can be used for CEUs.

    Because this tour is more designed for students already in Nanjing, we will be covering transport to and from Nanjing (to the herb market), accommodations as well as the meal with the farmers. You will have to find your way from Shanghai to Nanjing, but we’ll let you know how.

    : )

    Yes, Renee, we’ve contacted you already…

  3. I am very interested in joining this tour, please send me the information about it! Thanks very much!

  4. Priscilla, we have replied to the email you left with us. However, the email bounced back. If you want, just drop your email again in the box on the side bar. Hope to hear from you soon.

  5. Hi, I’m a Chinese Medicine students and I’m interested in joining the tour. Can you give me some details about the tour, please? for example, the price and how many days…Thanks!

  6. Thanks Diana for writing in. We have already replied to you. You are welcome to join us in the summer tours. Others interested, please write in. We will reply you soon enough.

  7. I am not a tcm student but am a naturopath. I am interested in the tour. How do I register?

  8. Dear Sir,

    I am a research officer from Malaysia. Can you give me some details about the coiming course and tour please?


  9. Hey Juli and Marcov,
    Loved the tour so much I would love to come and do it again. Do you know if you will be doing it again next year or in 2014?

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